Hoteles Río - Queretaro | Tequisquiapan
Santiago de Queretaro
Located in the historic center of Santiago de Queretaro, a World Heritage Site, in a seventeenth century mansion that was part of the former convent of Santa Clara, is the walker access Mariano Matamoros, which occupies part of the former Convent of Santa Clara Jesus. The warmth and professionalism of our team, will surely make your stay unforgettable.
Tequisquiapan Queretaro
Located on the first square of Tequisquiapan, a beautiful city with exquisite sample of the Mexican province, the hotel was founded in 1962 with own functionalist architecture style of the time (minimalist), this is the first hotel in the region that project a vision for tourism development in the area, it characteristically integrates the architecture of the town retaining the colonial image in its narrow streets and colorful squares.